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Bed Bugs

bed bugs

Bed bugs are an increasingly bothersome pest, as worldwide travel helps them spread. They are extremely difficult to get rid of without professional help, and often require a thorough inspection to determine the level of severity.

Learn how to spot a bed bug problem.


Rodents are a year round problem in North America. During the winter months, activity can intensify in and around homes and buildings where rodents prefer seek food and shelter.

Learn how to spot a mouse or rat problem.


Ants are a common household pest, but they can cause extensive damage to the wood frame of buildings. Some ants burrow into the wood, hollowing it out and compromising the structural integrity of the building. Other ants seek out sugary food sources within the home.

Learn how to spot an ant problem.


Wasps have a painful venomous defensive sting which many people are allergic to. If a nest is near play areas or around people with allergies, removal is a good idea.

Learn how to spot a wasp problem.


Silverfish are not generally harmful to humans or structures, but they are unsightly and can cause damage to books and clothing.

Learn how to spot a silverfish problem.

New Build Protection

New build protection offers long term protection against destructive pests such as carpenter ants and termites.

Learn about the benefits of new build protection.

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Excel Pest Solutions Green is a licensed, certified and insured pest control company owned and operated by Tod Dugas. We serve North Vancouver Island, the Discovery Islands, and the Gulf Islands. We specialize in green pest control services, using environmentally friendly products.

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Excel Pest Solutions Green is a member of the Structural Pest Management Association of BC, and the National Pest Management Association.

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